Weekend at The Beach—3 Items You Need Before the Beach Party You’ve Been Waiting For

There’s always that one beach party every year that everybody wants to be invited to. It’s THE special event of the whole summer that everyone is looking forward to.

So, one thing’s for sure. All the popular people are going to be attending it including your crush, so your fashion game needs to be on point!

This means, if you haven’t yet started rummaging through women’s clothing and accessories stores, you need to start ASAP!

Here’s the kind of stuff you should be looking for.

A Swimsuit That Doubles as A Party Dress

Bikinis are cute, but you don’t want to spend the entire day in a basic two-piece. Remember you’re not just going to the beach; you’re going to a beach party – dress up!

You can go with this gorgeous off-shoulder swimsuit. It’s sexy and practical! Moreover, it’s available in numerous colors and prints. You and your friends can even twin in this one, wearing a different pattern each while collectively making a mega style statement!


Or you can also get this chic bikini cover-up. You can make a powerful entrance with it or save it for the evening to wear over your bikini! It will look pretty and elegant i.e. perfectly Instagram-worthy!


Or if you’re feeling feisty, go with this quirky boho style 2-piece. This is the perfect bikini set for parties. You can pair it with funky, festive accessories to stand out at the party!


Some Cute Flip Flops

You have a closet full of shoes for every occasion; it only makes sense to buy some for the beach party as well.


These trendy hemp flip-flops will look great with the boho bikini set! Don’t you think?

Oh, and so will these comfy-looking beach sandals! In fact, they’re versatile enough to go with any beach outfit you pick! Plus, the details on them makes them look pretty festive too!


A Fun Pair of Sunglasses

Oh, and of course you need cool sunglasses too! Not only are they a must-have to tie your whole look together but they’ll also protect your eyes from any harmful rays at the beach!

Some ultra-cool vintage round shades are an acquired taste but are definite showstoppers if you can rock them.

Or, you can go with these super chic gradient sunglasses. They’re available in tons of other colors you can play around with! We’d stick with the pale pink ones though, especially for the beach party.


If you haven’t already started shopping for the beach party, you can shop for all these looks at our store. We’re an online women’s clothing store, with a wide range of women’s fashion clothing including some stunning women’s summer dresses that you can also wear to the beach.

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