Wanderlust Fashion —3 Items You Need in Your Limited Luggage to Look Stylish Throughout Your Summer Trip

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’re probably well aware of the common luggage woes. Your plans for your Insta-feed seldom match up to your luggage allowance.

As much as we’d like to pack an amazing outfit, complete with all the right accessories for the entire trip, the fact is we can’t. This means that at some point you’ll run out of the pre-planned outfits and will have to mix it up!

Well, we have a hack for you!

We have a few ideas for women’s clothing and accessories that work with just about anything!

A Cute Bird Printed Summer Romper


We don’t know about you, but rompers are our go-to options for travels and tours. They look cute and are extremely comfy. They should be the official tourist costume, to be honest.

This particular romper is not only super cute and quirky but it is the perfect summer travel outfit. It’s perfect for daytime whether you’re hanging out by a beach or having brunch on a foreign street or roaming around in a dreamy museum.

And it’s equally gorgeous for a night out in the town, whether you choose a quiet restaurant for dinner or a raving nightclub!

Casual White Sneakers

Casual white sneakers may seem too basic at first for travel but hear us out! They are one of the most versatile items you can pack in your luggage.

They work with everything, literally everything. Whether you’re wearing jeans or a casual summer dress or a short skirt—white sneakers are absolute magic!

They can tie together any outfit and even balance out things if you’ve gone a bit over the top with other accessories. They look classy and you simply can’t go wrong with them.

Plus, they’re super comfortable for flights and even if you plan on walking all day during sightseeing for instance!

A Plain Sleeveless White Top


Like white sneakers, you’ve got to have at least one plain white top in your luggage. And if you can manage a sleeveless one like this one—that’d be perfect!

The thing about plain white tops is that they can be repeated with multiple options and look new every time. You can try them with jeans, patterned culottes, bright skirts, and scarves. Or if it’s a bit chilly, you could wear a light jacket on top and it’ll work perfectly!

Besides these, you need to have some of the latest casual dresses and sunglasses that we have in stock for women. We’re an online women’s clothing store that you should definitely check out before your summer trip!

Bon voyage!

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