The Ultimate Fashion Guide: How to Dress Perfectly Based on Your Body Type

Women have different body types. Naturally, some clothing will look flattering on a body type, while others won’t accentuate your features as effectively. So how can you dress perfectly based on your body type?

The fundamental key to accentuating your favorite features is to know your proportions well. You can utilize the same tips to draw less attention to parts of yourself you don’t wanna show off.

Let’s get into a few detailed tips on dressing according to body types using our women’s clothing and accessories.

Figure Out Your Body’s Shape

The first step to dressing according to your body type is to understand your body’s shape. For this step, you must focus on your curves and notice how they connect with your hips, waist, and bust. Measure each of these regions to determine your size. And while you’re at it, remember that there are no “better” body types—just different ones!

Even if certain fashion trends and styles cater toward a specific body type, that doesn’t mean your body type is any less beautiful or that there aren’t high-quality fashion items out there for you.

Dressing for an Apple Body Type

An apple body type is when someone’s body is heavier at the top. Almost 15% of women have this body type. If you measure your bust and it comes out to be more than three inches than your waist, you have an apple body type. You can confirm this by looking at the size of these body parts relative to one another in a mirror.

A woman is wearing flowy women's clothing pants that accentuate her legs with the apple body type

Another sign is that your weight is concentrated around your chest and midsection. To accentuate the apple body shape in women’s clothing and accessories, one must direct attention and eyes away from the midriff. Additionally, switch up from showcasing your shoulders and arms to showcasing your bust and neck.

If you have wide shoulders, you’ll benefit by investing in flared pants instead of skinny pants because they’ll do wonders for your proportions. Wearing these pants just below your hipbone will help take attention from your midriff and give it to those awesome legs.

Try to avoid any dresses that will pinch at your waist because of the same midriff issue. Additionally, follow the same rule with tops. These women’s clothing items will help draw attention away from the curves you don’t want to show off.

The Rectangular Body Type

A woman is wearing a flowy skirt to accentuate her feminine curves in her rectangular body type with women's clothing

Almost 50% of women have a rectangular body type!

The identifying factor for this body type is when the waist, hips, and bust are pretty much the same measurements. You may have some curves around your waist, but since the proportions are the same your figure is slightly more rectangular than a full-on hourglass.

The key for you will be to exaggerate your curves by wearing women’s clothing like dresses and skirts that have pinched waists, accentuating your curves at the waist region. Frills, ruffles, and clothes with lower-level volume will be your best friend because they’ll help you add more femininity to your overall posture and physique.

Avoid men’s clothing as much as possible. Opt for workout clothes that are designed for women and skinny jeans designed for your specific body type.

The Hourglass Body Type

The fewest amount of women in the world have this type at less than 10%.

A characteristic of the hourglass shape is to have a defined waist and proportional bust and hips. The hourglass body type will have curves at the top and bottom half of one’s body.

You don’t need perfect proportions to have an hourglass body type.

A woman wearing a purple women's clothing jumpsuit that's on sale to accentuate her hourglass body type

When you have an hourglass body type, you have great curves, so accentuate them! The worst thing you can do is wear something that boxes your body and hides your figure. Your waist should be the point of focus when you’re dressing. You should balance out your hips and bust when you’re dressing, and can accentuate your waist using belts, pinches, and having your clothing tailored.

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