Sleepover Diaries: 3 Ways to Arrive at A Pajama Party in Style

Is the daily grind getting to you? Do you need to let go of your stress by having a fun night with your close friends? In that case, a pajama party may be the perfect release from everyday pressures that you need.

Let’s highlight pieces from the best sleepwear and/or loungewear collection.

The Daytime Pajamas

Some pajamas are perfectly wearable in the daytime, and even for going out in public. The unfortunate fact is that pajamas tend to be extremely comfortable but don’t look the best when you go out in public. Additionally, day-time clothing isn’t always the most comfortable, when compared to one’s pajamas. But what if you could combine those two experiences?

The fact is that you can feel incredibly comfortable and go out with friends. You can go to a Sunday morning breakfast or even brunch wearing some chic pajamas after your sleep-over that’ll have people questioning how you look ever-so comfortable.

The key here is to combine your pajamas with a wrap-cut top or a nice, loose button-down shirt.

Play With Colors and Heels

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Can you wear pajamas with heels and various colors? Yes, you absolutely can and should! If you wear shorter pajamas that help you accentuate your stilettos, you’ll be good to go. You can go to a dinner reservation and look relatively fancy and put-together. Then, when you return home with your friends, you can simply pop off your heels and continue with your comfortable pajama party!

The Sophisticated Pajama Queen

Yes, you can look sophisticated in your pajamas. For this women’s clothing look, you want to pair neutral-toned pajamas with a women’s jacket or blazer. Trench coats or waistcoats are also effective choices.

Using these looks, you can turn the party at your next sleep-over and be ready for any adventure the night brings.

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