A Guide to Choosing the Right Bag for Your Outfit and Occasion

Since most of us keep an eye on the latest fashion trends, it’s easy to lose sight of whether the handbag will suit our figure and the outfit. In fact, it’s one of the most common mistakes that many of us make. Of course, everyone is bound to have a couple of hits and misses over time, but there are still some foolproof tips that can help you ensure you’ve got the right purse for the occasion and outfit.

Matching Purses to The Occasion

As a rule of thumb, larger bags work better for more casual events, while sleek and sophisticated bags are better suited for formal affairs. Here are some examples to illustrate what we mean.

  1. In the Workplace

Your office handbag should be super functional while giving off a professional vibe. Satchels and tote bags with compartments can easily fit everything you need for the office, from laptops to packed lunch. Best to avoid glitter and glam in this setting and opt for a more sophisticated look.

  1. Shop excursions

Any everyday bag for a shopping trip should ideally be able to hold all your essentials and your wallet comfortably so you can browse hands-free. Oversized bags, including hobo bags and bags, are perfect if it’s a casual trip or when you need the extra space to carry shopped items in your bags. If you want something more compact and lightweight, crossbody bags work perfectly too.

a compact tan bag for everyday use

Shop the look

  1. Beach trip

Beach trips can often get messy, and you want something that can withstand a bit of wear and tear. Sling bags are super low-maintenance and keep all your stuff handy. If you’re going to adorn something chicer, consider straw tote bags that are perfect for carrying all your towels, bathing suits, and sunscreen.

  1. Formal Events

A black-tie event requires a more sophisticated look, making miniature bags and tube clutches perfect for the occasion. They are sleek and elegant; not to mention, they pair perfectly with your go-to little black dress (LBD) for cocktail parties.

  1. Travelling

When traveling, functionality and style are both equally important. They should be large enough to carry all your essentials, but at the same time, they need to be sporty enough to look cool. Lots of pockets can help you separate your items into different compartments and prevent things from getting messy.

Purses That FitYour Body Type

When choosing a handbag for your body type, the goal is to create an overall balanced look between your body and the handbag. Let’s check out some examples.

  1. Big-busted body

Bags with long straps that hang around the waist suit this body type best. Ideally, you want to avoid bags that add weight to the chest area, such as saddlebags or small purses that end up right under your forearm.

  1. Pear-shaped body

Choose waist-length bags that accentuate your midsection instead of hip-length bags that add girth. Totes, satchels, and crossbody bags all look great.

  1. Petite body

Avoid long-hanging purses that highlight the slender frame. Instead, opt for compact, medium-sized bags that look great and can add more volume.

a tall woman wearing a short red purse

  1. Plus-size or curvy body

A medium-sized handbag works best for the curvy or plus-sized body type. A boxy bag will complement the curves best.

  1. Tall and thin body

Slim and long bags can further elongate the look of a tall and thin body type. Oversized, round bags work great for taller women. You can also opt for short, slouchy bags such as hobos and clutches.

Matching Purses for The Outfit

Finally, we need to think about how you can match the bag to the outfit you’re wearing to complete the ensemble. Here are some tips.

  1. A sporty outfit

Sporty outfits are more than just your typical gym wear now. With the latest athleisure trend, streetwear is all about joggers, sneakers, and sports jackets. Match your outfit with a multi-colored crossbody or a belt bag.

backpacks for a sporty look

  1. Causal summer dresses

A summer dress is a girl’s best friend during the warmer months. You can pair your dress with a fun rattan bucket bag for a laidback vibe or opt for a vibrant color that stands apart from your outfit as the highlight. You can also look into some embellished hardware to add some oomph to the outfit.

  1. Work outfit

If you’re wearing neutral colors to work, consider choosing more classic bags that are both functional and versatile. Olive green, navy, and tan are all excellent choices that work well. If you want to add some texture, consider pebbled leather or suede.

  1. Formal outfit

A plain clutch with a metallic finish is excellent for a formal affair. If you’re wearing a monochrome dress, then consider adding some sparkle to your bag. Color-coordinating is no longer in vogue and can be thought of as a bit boring. Contrasting the color and texture is a great way to play around with your outfit and accentuate different elements.

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