5 Chic & Stunning Bags That Have Been Trending in 2021

With summer fully upon us, you may be wondering what fashion trends have made the biggest waves this season. Having been indoors for almost a year, you may be looking to trade in the soft fleece sweatpants we’ve all been living in for something more glamorous.

From super bright crossbody bags to chic leather totes, these gorgeous styles are sure to elevate your summer outfit to the next level. Whether you’re looking for some pretty accessory inspo or want to add some much-needed summer staples to your wardrobe, keep scrolling for the top 2021 summer bag trends.

1. Soft Leather

a tan leather bag

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Of course, leather never goes out of style, but new variants come and go. Right now, soft leather in classic colors including tan, white, and black is at the top of our list. The versatile design and style make them ideal for both when you’re at work or on a girl’s night out.

2. Color blocking

a bag with a color blocking pattern

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Color blocking is an excellent way to infuse some personality into any design. So whether it’s adding fun accents to your walls with paint or your handbag, color blocking is the trend you need to look out for.

3. Belt bags

an olive green belt bag

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The modern fanny pack is now your uber-trendy belt bag. It’s an easy-to-wear design that emphasizes hands-free convenience and effortless minimalism. Just wrap it around your waist and accentuate any outfit with a functional and fashionable solution.

4. Fun Backpacks

a fun backpack in different colors

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Gone are the days of structured leather backpacks. We’re now all about embracing chaos with the infusion of different designs and prints. Street style now incorporates soft backpacks with breathable fabrics that embrace fun and functionality.

5. Unconventional Designs

a bag with a piano design

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From handbags that feature skeletal designs and frilly feathers to those humorously shaped like a chicken, we’ve seen our fair share of fun, unconventional bag styles in 2021. Embrace the eccentric this summer and add some much-needed flair to your outfit with statement pieces.

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