5 Accessories That Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Have Been Rocking This Summer

It’s safe to say that Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have become the most influential fashion icons in the world. Both supermodels have their unique style that plays with different colors, trendy pieces, AND a whole lot of accessories. Awe-inspired with their 2021 looks, we’ve listed five top accessories worn by Kendall and Gigi that you must have in your wardrobe.

#1 Retro Metal Frame Sunglasses

Just days after the 2021 Versace show, where Gigi boasted her flaming red hair for the first time, the supermodel was spotted in NYC, looking classy. That day she wore a classic crème turtleneck, black boots, dark jeans, and a brown mini purse. To complete the look, Gigi opted for black retro sunglasses with golden metal frames. A simple yet excellent addition to her outfit, the pair of specs complemented her red hair perfectly and got her looking sleek.

#2 Retro White-Framed Oval Sunglasses

It seems like Gigi has a thing for retro accessories. During the 2021 Milan Fashion Week, Gigi was spotted wearing retro white-rimmed oval sunglasses with her cozy grey outfit and Chelsea boots. The white specs brought a pop of color into her otherwise grey-toned clothes. It’s an iconic piece suited for all occasions and even brings a touch of quirkiness to your look. If you’re looking for more retro options, shop women’s sunglasses online here.

#3 Golden Layered Necklace

a woman wearing chic layered necklaces

In late 2019, Gigi showed up at the MTV Awards in a strapless nude bodysuit paired with iridescent skin-tone trousers. Her bare neck sported a gold layered necklace that completed the luxe look she was going for that night. Gigi was later spotted wearing the same necklace countless times in 2021, effectively bringing back layered jewelry in style. If you’re looking to up your outfit for a nice summer outing, then this necklace is the way to go.

#4 Green Shoulder Bag

Kendall is known for her minimalistic look and love for shoulder bags. Recently as well, she was photographed walking the streets of New York wearing, guess what? A green shoulder bag! However, this choice of color is not every girl’s cup of tea, so here is a mini crocodile pattern shoulder bag similar to Kendall’s (except more affordable) that comes in different colors to suit your unique style.

#5 Open-Toe Black Strappy Heels

In April, another shot of Kendall crossing the NY zebra crossing showed her rocking a baggy white and beige dress suit. With it, she wore black open-toe strappy heels that peeped beneath her full-length pants. The shoes were a cute, sleek addition to her outfit. If you want something versatile, a pair of shoes that you can pull off at work or wear during a night out with friends, then these strappy heels are a great choice.

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