3 Tips You Need for Your Back to Work Closet

For many of us, it’s been ages since we’ve worked from the office—thanks to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. If you’ve recently been called back to the office, the sudden change after working from home for more than a year can be strange and disorienting. You can’t just show up in sweat pants and a ratty bun every day at work, unfortunately.

However, there are some fashion and style tips that will help you streamline returning to work without a hitch, and put together outfits that communicate poise and confidence.

Let’s focus on clothing and accessory from an online women’s clothing store that can be worn to a workplace.

Tip 1. Create Work Outfits

When you first plan on returning to the office, do it with confidence. Pick out a couple of outfits for your first week back. Try to gauge the vibe and culture your office has and combine that acceptable culture with your unique style to create your outfits.


Some examples of a more formal office environment are a fitted suit, formal pumps, blazers, and the occasional pencil skirt. If you work in an environment that’s more fashion-forward and trendy, you can invest in clothing items like jackets, a little black dress, and bright-colored items like bags.

Tip 2. Pick Out Your Top Accessories

Your accessories for work include items like bags, bracelets, scarves, necklaces, belts, earrings, and rings. The perfect accessory can truly make your entire outfit pop.

Tip 3. Choose a Palette

If you want your style to look more contemporary, you should consider using bold or unique jewelry items. You can match various tones to give a cohesive color palette or use items that look different individually but somehow still work together.

You should look through various options in an online women’s clothing store to take stock of what you can get for work.

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